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    Rochelle Pharmacy, Illinois, USA
    Personalized websites for pharmacies to help them promote their services online.

    Rochelle Pharmacy Boosts Engagement and Efficiency with Pharmboost

    Rochelle Pharmacy, Illinois, USA


    Rochelle Pharmacy, a well-established community pharmacy in Illinois, faced challenges in patient engagement and communication. They aimed to:

    Increase patient appointment bookings.


    Improve patient communication and streamline refill processes.


    Enhance patient satisfaction


    Enhance overall pharmacy experience.

    Rochelle Pharmacy, Illinois, USA


    Rochelle Pharmacy partnered with Pharmboost, a HIPAA & ADA-compliant Patient Engagement Software platform designed specifically for pharmacies in the USA. Pharmboost provided a comprehensive solution including:

    Website Creation and SEO

    A new user-friendly website with local SEO optimization to increase online presence and attract new patients.

    Pharmacy Mobile App

    A user-friendly mobile app for patients to manage prescriptions, request refills, and access medication information.

    Regular Performance Reports

    Detailed reports to track website traffic, social media engagement, and key performance indicators (KPIs).

    Social Media Marketing

    Management of social media platforms to connect with patients, promote services, and build brand awareness.

    Pharmacist Portal

    A secure web app for pharmacists to manage patient interactions, track medication adherence, and optimize workflows.

    Ready to transform your pharmacy like Rochelle Pharmacy?
    Rochelle Pharmacy, Illinois, USA


    By implementing Pharmboost’s Patient Engagement Platform, Rochelle Pharmacy achieved significant improvements:

    48% Increase in Appointments

    The convenient online appointment booking feature on the website and mobile app significantly increased patient appointment bookings, streamlining scheduling and reducing wait times.

    Enhanced Patient Communication

    Secure messaging within the mobile app facilitated real-time communication between patients and pharmacists, improving overall communication and addressing medication inquiries promptly.

    100% Increase in Patient Satisfaction

    The user-friendly mobile app features, streamlined refill process, and improved communication led to a dramatic increase in patient satisfaction. Patients appreciated the convenience and ease of managing their healthcare needs through the mobile app.

    Improved Operational Efficiency

    The pharmacist portal allowed for better patient interaction management, medication tracking, and workflow optimization, freeing up valuable time for pharmacists to focus on patient care.


    Rochelle Pharmacy’s success story exemplifies the transformative power of Pharmboost’s Patient Engagement Platform. By leveraging HIPAA & ADA compliant software designed specifically for pharmacies, Rochelle Pharmacy was able to significantly increase patient engagement, improve communication, enhance patient satisfaction, and streamline operations. Pharmboost is a perfect solution for community, local, and independent pharmacies across the USA seeking to optimize their patient engagement strategies and achieve sustainable growth.

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