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    Patient Engagement Solution For Your Pharmacy

    Enhance your patient experience with better communication & health care. Simplify appointment scheduling, patient data management, and amplify staff productivity with Pharmboost.

    Patient engagement made easier for pharmacies.

    HIPAA & ADA Compliant Patient Engagement Solution

    Our HIPAA and ADA compliant patient engagement solution is designed to revolutionize the way healthcare providers engage with their patients. Our secure and accessible communication channels ensure patient data privacy and accessibility compliance, while enhancing patient engagement and satisfaction. Trust us to provide a reliable and cutting-edge solution for your healthcare practice. 


    Patients book appointments for Covid-19 tests, Vaccines, Diabetic Care, Medication therapy management, and more!

    Transfer & Refill Rx

    Patients can transfer prescriptions to your pharmacy and request refills for pickup.

    Rx Reminders & Tracking

    You can setup Rx Reminders for your patients and monitor their medication schedules.

    Bulk & Targeted Messaging

    Engage and nurture patient relationships with personalized messages.

    The screenshots display the RX Reminders feature in the Pharmboost patient mobile app. While adding an RX reminder, users will get a list of suggested medicines for their ease of use.

    Rx Reminders & Tracking with Pharmboost

    Never let your patients miss a prescription refill or dose again with Pharmboost. Keep your patients on track with their medication regimens by sending them personalized reminders and tracking their progress. 

    Create personalized Rx Programs for your patients to help them stay on top of their medication schedule.

    Appointment Scheduling for Pharmacy with Pharmboost

    Provide patients with the convenience of booking appointments at their preferred time, reducing wait times and improving overall patient satisfaction. You can manage your schedule more effectively and reduce the risk of overbooking or missed appointments.

    Secured & Multilingual Chat

    Connect with your patients online. It’s now easier for patients to ask questions, concerns, and queries with a secured chat. You can provide personalized care, address their needs and also send bulk messages to pass important messages and promote offers.

    Transfers & Refills Rx for Pharmacy with Pharmboost

    Digitize prescription refills and transfers online with Pharmboost. Reduce wait times and phone calls – patients can request refills or transfers, and track their progress in real-time. Save time and hassle with our streamlined and secure prescription management system.

    Pharmboost Offerings

    Personalized Website

    Get personalized business website for your pharmacy where patients can request Refills, Transfer Prescriptions and Book Appointments.

    The website would be mobile friendly and act as a marketing presence online – one that is SEO Ready to help you rank on Google, and grow your customers.

    Web App for Pharmacists and Mobile App For Patients

    Pharmboost comes as a cloud native platform that can run on desktop (Mac, Windows, or Linux), and a patient mobile app that is compatible with iOS and Android.

    The images are screenshots of the Pharmboost mobile app for patients that allows them to create appointments for diabetic care, immunization, and more. Along with this, mobile app users can also set RX Reminders, Request refills, transfer prescriptions, and more.

    Pharmacy Digital Marketing

    Our digital marketing efforts help you attract new customers, nurture relationships with existing customers, and always stay on top of the mind of local communities to create awareness and boost revenue!

    Pharmboost develops and runs fully managed Search Engine Optimized website and Social Media accounts, so that you can dedicate more time running your pharmacy and less time worrying!


    What our happy clients say

    “Great Solution: The appointment scheduling feature is user-friendly and I’ve found it to be a huge time-saver for my pharmacy. The mobile app for the patient is also very user-friendly and easy to navigate.“

    Amboy Pharmacy

    Chief Pharmacist

    “Awesome Experience. Pharmboost is user-friendly and allows me to easily schedule appointments, send reminders, and communicate with my patients through secure messaging.”

    Rochelle Pharmacy

    Founder - Rochelle Pharmacy

    “Pharmboost has made managing my patients’ medication schedules so much easier. The reminders and notifications keep me informed and on track. My patients love the ease of refilling their prescriptions online.”

    Eckerds Pharmacy

    Chief Pharmacist

    Increase revenue, and streamline pharmacy processes with Pharmboost

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